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    Default Re: Xara Xone Fadding Away

    xara is but one small section of a large magix product line...I guess, like xara themselves, they prioritise resource allocation...
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    Default Re: Xara Xone Fadding Away

    I don't know what is going on with Magix. They seem to be slipping badly or someone has lost interest. They have not come out with a new article in the Magix Magazine since July of last year.
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    Default Re: Xara Xone Fadding Away

    With our support they will definitely go on vacation, or are still there.

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    Default Re: Xara Xone Fadding Away

    The ball has been dropped several times since Magix was first involved.
    Since then, the ball has been lost under a piece of furniture somwehere, gathering dust.
    Matt Boulton (CEO of this parish) has made a couple of fleeting forays onto TG and has subsequently disappeared without trace.
    If it weren't for Acorn harrying politely, and intelligent responses from Rob-Xar, there would be no other activity here on TG other than bemused new users asking why Xara is so difficult to use.
    The few new features we have had over quite a few years now, have done nothing to improve the vector tools. I have to ask, 'What is Xara for these days?'
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    Default Re: Xara Xone Fadding Away

    I have two links on my Chrome bookmark bar one for Gary P's Xara Xone and one Gary Bouton's Xara Xone between the two of them there is so much great info

    Gary (Preister) has already provided the link to his Xara Xone and here for anyone who would like it is the link to Gary Bouton's Xara Xone http://site.xaraxone.com/tutorials/

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    Default Re: Xara Xone Fadding Away

    Unfortunately the Gary Boutons site you listed is the one that is having items like figures and downloads no longer working. I thought this site was the one that Magic took over?





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