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    Default Please, give me some feedback for website

    Hello everybody,
    I finished my website https://www.esof.ba/en_index.htm ... and I would like if you have some feedback and advices for improvement.

    Thank you guys.

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    Default Re: Please, give me some feedback for website

    Great site. I really like it feels perfect for esof food and produce.
    Gary W. Priester
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    Default Re: Please, give me some feedback for website

    Ido not do web, but it looks fine to me as far as I can tell.
    Larry a.k.a wizard509

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    Default Re: Please, give me some feedback for website

    Dencuga, I appreciate seeing a well-crafted website like this one.
    I understand the effort in crafting the site for multiple languages.

    The Home icon should be set for the selected language.
    The Contact page Home icon has an extra static presentation.

    The green banding wrapping around the back of the page is very clever and effective.
    I would extend it to the footer and the pale green straps.

    The animations become tiring after a time.
    I would set them up to One-off so when you scroll the page they do not keep firing.

    The Next/Previous icons need to be top of page or Sticky off-page to allow quicker clicking through the site.

    Your biggest hurt will come with the images.
    The Home page girl image is 1.2MB. They should all be optimised.
    The watermark image on the Home page should be given an Image Filename so you can reuse it on all pages without introducing any new downloads for it.
    All your major images should be given Image Filenames to allow easy re-use across pages.

    You will need to address a SmartPhone version as well at some time.

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    Default Re: Please, give me some feedback for website

    Very tasteful, crisp, informational and effective design. It's fun to navigate the site.

    I don't agree with Acorn that you should add more green banding wrap-arounds but agree with him that the animations should work only once.

    I would leave out the next/previous buttons altogether.

    It seems good advice to add a mobile variant at some point but the site actually works quite well on my Samsung.

    Upon clicking the email buttons/link, I would have the email client open in a new page/tab so as not to move the visitor away from you website. Also: those who have webmail often don't have their browser set to handle a mailto link; they will just get an empty page or error message.

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    Default Re: Please, give me some feedback for website

    I normally don't go for the page + background, preferring a full width look, but you have changed my mind. It looks great.

    The crisp white and green suits the subject matter perfectly and the overall feel is clean, bright and fresh.

    I agree with Boy about the banding at the bottom, not needed and would stop the top 2 forming a banner. Also agree that the animations need to be toned down in some way.
    I like the layout of the Products sections (both Fresh and Frozen), again, clean and crisp, but each picture says I can click it...I can't. The links need removing.

    Once again. You've changed my opinion of the dated and dusty 'Page + Background' theme. I really like the overall look and feel of this site.

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    Default Re: Please, give me some feedback for website

    I like your site a lot Dencuga.

    A couple of small points:

    The abbreviation "ESOF" - Eco Sustainable Organic Food, stands for Organic Sustainable Organic Food.
    ESOF stands foe Ecological Sustainable Organic Food (Organic Sustainable Organic Food would be OSOF)

    I think you mean 'Cherry' Tomatoes not 'Sherry' Tomatoes

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    Default Re: Please, give me some feedback for website

    Well guys, thank you for your comments and advices. I can agree with most of it.
    I will make some changes




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