Hi All,

We've just released a small patch to all v16 desktop versions bringing them up to 16.1.1. This patch's fixes includes:

1) Fixed an issue where links wouldn't apply within a table.
2) Fixed an issue with page break where the page scrolls out of views when inserting one.
3) Fixed an issue where text inside shapes fails to export text correctly.
4) Reverted a change that affects the way groups and Navigation Bars are exported, fixing an issue where Navigation Bars appear out of place or sub-menus failed to show.

Your program should detect the update after opening or alternatively you can go to Help > Check for Updates. Article for this patch can be found here: https://xara.kayako.com/article/451-...n-16-1-1-patch

The PDF manuals should be updated to include the 16.1 updates, which you can download from here:


Many thanks