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    Default Navigation buttons

    I am new to Xara web designer premium. My question is concerning navigation buttons for different pages on my website. I am working on my homepage right now and I do not have any other pages created yet because and I don't know how to create them. I started a first page but I don't know how to designated it to be my homepage and then after that create an About Us, Pricing, Contact Us and so on.

    How do I make the navigation buttons go to pages that I designate?

    Is there any updated videos online how to do this? Everything I see you online is very old and does not point me in the right direction.

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    Default Re: Navigation buttons

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    In the Page and Layer menu select Add page. Click on the page title and change it, for example to About Us.

    For a better explanation go to Help and search for Navigation Bars.

    Also, while in any menu, click Help for a page of context sensitive information. So, for example, in the Navigation Bars menu, you can click Help to see the available options.
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    Default Re: Navigation buttons

    The first page you create in a design file is called index by default. It is safer not to rename it until you know what you are about.

    A second and subsequent pages can be made from Edit > Page > New page.
    I personally use the Page & Layer gallery and the Pages > New Page buttons.
    You can right-click on a design page background and pick New blank page.

    The first page can be re-arranged by dragging its thumbnail in the Page & Layer gallery and releasing it in its new location.

    Drag a button onto your design page and in its Web Properties > Link > Link to, pick the page you want a click on this button to open.
    You need to right-click and pick Repeating object > Repeat on all pages. I would avoid NavBars for the moment.

    Do open the Help file and read it.
    There are lots of little fiddly things to remember but they become second nature with practice and knowledge.

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