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    Am I missing something, is there a way to have your created website, to resize itself to fit the window?
    Even if alter the pages sizes, and have everything set to autosize, when i preview the page I'm left with all the content squeezed into the middle of the page.

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    I think you are confusing auto-resize (which is confusing enough) with creating a variant.

    Xara lets you create a variant for different sizes, such as a Mobile, a Tablet and a full screen monitor. But these are created by creating a Variant and then resizing the content manually to fit the new size.

    In my opinion this makes more sense. Even though it is more work, it allows you to tailor the content to the screen size. You might need more information and graphics for a full screen website than is practical or desirable for a smaller device with less bandwidth.

    Do a search in Help > Index for Variants.
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    I agree with Priester.



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