Just completed the illustration view, though I need to create top down and a few other angles. This is the Spelljammer ship, Cristatus - a large Peacock Elven noble sloop, with presumably a crew of 36, in 3 shifts of 12 crew. This for an ostentacious, noble elf as a kind of aristocratic yacht. Although as shown is unarmed, it is always accompanied by an escort flight of Sparrowhawks. Beneath the poop deck under the ring of the tail sail is the helm, which also serves as a wizards laboratory and navigation. Beneath that is the noble captain's personal quarters. Beneath that is officer rooms for sick bay, galley and dining room, offices, with a stairs to floor above and stairs down. The main deck is the gravity plane, so all decks below are on the otherside of the gravity plane, includes crew quarters, armory, grain stores and cargo hold at lowest deck. A trap door on the main deck allows access for cargo, though at aft on the lower end is another larger bay door for accessing cargo. Tomorrow I'll work on deck plans and top down render...


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