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    Next a battlestar ship with a kabuto (samurai helmet) as decoration and where the ECCM emitters are located. This is a gargantuan missle platform ship. except for 3 coilguns for close defense, all other weapons systems are missiles and ECCM suites lower opponents Targetting Level by 7, making missiles easier to hit their targets. I tried a different design that failed, so went with the Star Wars imperial battlecruiser for inspiration on shape...

    ISS Tairo no Kiyomori Tier 16
    Shogun class, gargantuan Imperial Battlestar
    Speed 8; Maneuverability (+0 Piloting, turn 2)
    AC 29; TL 28
    HP 420; DT 10; CT 50
    Shields superior 600 (forward 150, port 150, starboard 150, aft 150)
    Attack (Forward) Hellfire Torpedo Launcher 2d10x10; Heavy Plasma Torpedo Launcher 5d10 x2
    Attack (Port) Heavy Plasma Torpedo Launcher 5d10 x2; Coilgun 4d4
    Attack (Starboard) Heavy Plasma Torpedo Launcher 5d10 x2; Coilgun 4d4
    Attack (Aft) Coilgun 4d4
    Attack (Turret) Heavy Plasma Torpedo Launcher 5d10 x2
    Power Core Gateway Ultra (500), Gateway Light (300); Drift Engine Signal Basic, 1; Systems advanced long ranger sensors, crew quarters (common), g8 thrusters, mk 3 trinode, mk 8 armor, mk 8 defenses, self destruct system; Expansion Bays ECCM suite (x3), medical bay, power core housing, tech shop
    Modifiers +0 Piloting, +3 x3 computers; Complement 300

    Click image for larger version. 

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