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    Default Re: Aspiring graphic designer looking for tips and advice :)

    As Paul already wrote, Xara is not the industry standard.

    Of course I don't only use Xara for my work.

    Adobe is, so to say, the industry standard not only in Germany. Since I am a freelance graphic designer, I can choose the software that suits me best.

    I follow Afinity with excitement and work with Afinity Photo as a Photoshop replacement very gladly.
    The new Afinity Publisher is still in the beta phase and serious functions to replace Indesign are still missing.

    For me, Xara is the universal Swiss army knife for my work that comes into play when it is needed.
    In another thread I have written down my experiences while typesetting a book with Xara. https://www.talkgraphics.com/showthr...v16&highlight=

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    Default Re: Aspiring graphic designer looking for tips and advice :)

    Anna, a last suggestion.

    Try and find your own niche - something that excites you or makes you happy. You are fortunate that the internet is around because you can see current trends, find inspiration from current illustrators, graphic artists, motion designers, etc.

    Try and emerge from university with a niche that suits you. It will be far better to have some form of specialism so that you don't look like a cookie-cutter graphic designer.

    Stand out from the crowd in some way.



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