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    Default Re: Help changing only width or height of an image?

    The question has been answered and comments noted. If there is nothing new to add then lets move along.
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    Default Re: Help changing only width or height of an image?

    I started Xara in 2013, Version 9 had just been released and Xara Cloud was an idea. This will be my 6th year here.

    I provide escalated support for Magix (who handle desktop support) which includes gathering requests, logging bugs, writing articles, training new members of staff and all other support related queries. I also provide support for the new cloud product and also for internal staff like the graphic designers.

    If I'm not doing that, I'll be testing new features, bugs, installers, support for the forums here etc and more recently giving a shot at content with something we're working on called smart layouts.

    I push feedback of every sort from all avenues of contact with users up the chain and provide suggestions to those making the decisions, as well as send it back down the line from the managers to the users (and try to act as an intermediary with either line of communication before it reaches the other party). For example I'll tell my superiors if something is a good/bad idea and try to sway their mind before it reaches you, or tell users if something is likely to happen in the future and try to reciprocate their requests to management.

    Hopefully in time I'll move up to a more senior position of decision making but currently my position when it comes to such actions is more advisory.

    Just a brief introduction :)

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    Default Re: Help changing only width or height of an image?

    Sounds like you're a very busy and versatile professional! I'm impressed and hope you land a senior position soon. Thanks for all your work.




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