Please read this carefully.

Only on Martin Luther King DayJanuary 21st
1 day only.

But, wait... there's more!
Do you know a child or friend who likes to draw?
A little Rembrandt, Renoir? Picasso or Matisse?
Set them free too!

Use this coupon : FreeAtLast

Order PD Artist 11 on MLK day!

(be sure to enter your discount coupon in the order form after selecing PD Artist. There may be another pre-selected discount, but only FreeAtLast will give it to you for 100% off the full regular price that day of MLK holiday.)

After MLK day's free giveaway, it will still give you 50% off for a week or two.

This promo also qualifies for subsequent discounts on upgrades to newer versions and/or sidegrades to PD Howler.
Got this in an email from DogWaffle: