Dear Xara...

If I open the Online Content Catalogue (OCC) address in a separate browser (, I can use the limited search box to find assets.

Using the browser Inspect capability of DIV of the appropriate thumbnail provides the JSON data, like:

<div data-json="{"result":"dialog-purchase","data":{"url":"","path":"websites/websitethemes/stylist/stylist_contact_page.xar"}}" onclick="catalog.dbg(this,event);" ondblclick="catalog.cmd(0,this,event);" class="iv-image"> <img src="" > </div>

Now I can scrap this data for the filename and relative path and prepend my Cache path: %localappdata%/Xara/XtremePro/16/Cache/designs/eng/, so I have a link to the local resource - %localappdata%/Xara/XtremePro/16/Cache/designs/eng/websites/websitethemes/stylist/stylist_contact_page.xar that open directly within XDPX16. You could possibly use the HTML5 File API.

Rather than destroy the capability of searching & accessing all our locally downloaded content, please provide a mechanism to open, add or import local content following an OCC search.


P.S. Is it not time to add an SSL security certificate?