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    Default Trying to get site optimized yet again!


    Some help required please, I have done a fair bit of optimization on my two websites in the past, but now Google etc are raising the bar above my knowledge base.
    I have just run the sites through my service providers own testing (123-Reg) and I am being given a load of work to do...

    So firstly, they say I have no XML Sitemap, how do I add that in Xara? I am sure I did in the past...
    It also says I have no mobile website, when I have built it in Xara, (Google also mentions it as well) Why is my mobile site not being recognized?

    There's loads more, but enough for now


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    Default Re: Trying to get site optimized yet again!

    For the sitemap, when you go to publish there is a field that asks for the website URL when you set up your FTP info. When you fill this field in it will automatically make a sitemap.

    Can you provide a address so we can take a look at your site and see if we see any problems?


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    Default Re: Trying to get site optimized yet again!

    Thanks Ray, I upload via Filezilla as I have had problems in the past loading from Xara, on checking however I am uploading an XML Sitemap, so not sure why 123-Reg reports I am not.

    Here is the site, go ahead and list the problems you see, I am aware of some of them...

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    Default Re: Trying to get site optimized yet again!

    Hi Starmo. I also upload using Filezilla, rather than from Xara. Its easier and non-problematic. What service do use for the xml sitemap? I use a free sitemap service. Just download the sitemap to your Web Export folder for your site, and then upload it via Filezilla. Your site is displaying well on my mobile, but you may have overlooked Fetch as Google (in Webmaster tools), where you can select Mobile or Desktop. Fetch as Google is under the heading CRAWL, which is also where the Sitemap heading is located. You need to Fetch as Google for both the desktop and the mobile sites. You can also help your SEO if you give your page a longer title. At the moment it says Essex Towbars. You could try Essex Towbars | Towbar Service in Essex to give yourself a better chance of being found in google. Perhaps also attribute this title onto some of the images and objects on your page to help with your SEO. Right click individually on every object/pic and choose Web Properties. In the Web Properties choose IMAGE, and go to Image Caption (alt text) and type in any title that has your keywords in it. Keep it under 74 characters, as google does not include characters after that number.
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    Default Re: Trying to get site optimized yet again!

    Thanks for help, it's appreciated.
    Looking in Filezilla I can see the sitemap.xml file, so don't know why I am getting that error, it was generated by Xara during the website export. But I have gone ahead and used the site you suggested and uploaded their file, will see if it helps.
    Great tip about the alt tags on the images, I was still doing the old way of typing in a description of the image!

    Regarding the fetch as Google, I am not aware of this, and I cannot see it in Xara, I am running v.15 could that be why? If I should be seeing it can you give another pointer?
    Also extended the page title, thanks

    EDIT: Doh! I just realised you mean the Google Search Console, sooorry!




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