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    Default And the bug migrates from one version to another....

    Hi there!

    It is my second post here about the bug that still persists in all new version of Xara (15,16 for sure! And earlier versions i guess).

    Its all about exporter to TIFF format:
    1. I still can't select "Page" in tiff export panel. It's still inactive. (But TIFF still main working filetype in out pipeline
    2. The exporter changes the size of exported TIFF to another DPI and sizes. You can see it even in explorer, in file properties - Details. I set 300dpi*21cm*29.7cm in export settings, and getting 96dpi*92,8cm*65.61cm dpi in file.

    I think this bug moving (sliding?) through versions should be stopped already and I hope some day this post will be noticed and bug will be fixed!

    Thank you and good luck!

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    Default Re: And the bug migrates from one version to another....

    Thanks for reporting this.

    Page Content exports everything on and off the page. The work-around is to provide a page background rectangle, then select the content and the page background and export as Selection. And support for transparency would be nice.

    Sadly I think Xara gave up on the TIFF filter. It is another orphaned feature.
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