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    Default Does this make sense to you?

    So I'm shopping around for hosting for my client who wants a website built with a shopping cart. I've never built a shopping cart with Xara, so I thought I could combine a Xara website and hook it up with links to a shopping cart that I would build with one of THEIR online builders, or wordpress. I chatted with someone at InMotion Hosting and here's the part of the conversation that confused me. (I'm not a tech person or a coder, so I'm easily confused.)

    [Me] OK. Can I still build the rest of my site with Xara if I purchased Wordpress?

    [Him] Probably not I don't have much experince with Xara since it has not been updated since 2008 for Linux an is mainly a Windows platform. So since we are a Linux only provide I am not sure how it will work on our Hosting Platform.

    [Me] So I would build the whole site with your builder. (either Open Cart or WordPress) correct? Which plan would I need if I were to use Xara? Or...build most of my site with Xara?

    [Him] I am not sure since we don't generally work with Xara. For WordPress or OpenCart our Power Plan is our recommend package for the hosting of website.

    [Him] Which version of Xara do you currently use?

    [Me] Web Designer 10 Premium. I usually build the website and upload files to the server.

    [Him] This is a Windows Platform that would not work on our servers.

    [Me] Also, When you say "PowerPlan", I don't see it listed. There's Wordpress, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Reseller Hosting and Business Hosting.

    [Him.] https://www.inmotionhosting.com/business-hosting

    [Him.] We have mutliple packages within each Plan.

    [Him.] However the version of Xara you are using is a Windows Based system that would not work on our Platform.

    [Me] Uhm, with Xara, I build it on my computer and upload the files. Are the files not compatible? I use them quite a bit on other hosting companies.

    [Him.] For what I am reading it would not work on our Hosting Platform.

    My question to the Xara community is, are hosting companies moving away from allowing use to build our websites and upload the files to the server? Are they making it so we can only use online builders and Wordpress? I've used XARA (It's AWESOME) for many websites and there's been no problem with hosting. Is InMotion Hosting unique? Or will there be more of this. Or...perhaps the person I chatted with didn't know enough to make sense?

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    Default Re: Does this make sense to you?

    Some of these services are so inflexible and so far behind the times. Move on. There are thousands of hosting companies.

    Maybe the question to ask here is can anyone recommend a good web hosting company who offers good intelligent support.
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    Default Re: Does this make sense to you?

    As far as I'm aware, they are only hosting DATA files, it doesn't matter what OS created those files. Is he seriously trying to say that they can only host files that were created on a Linux system? If so, they may as well close their business now.
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    Default Re: Does this make sense to you?

    You don't purchase WordPress, you get a service provider with a cPanel offering and simply install WP, hosted under your domain.
    95% of servers are Unix or a flavour; most will offer cPanel front-end as part of their business model. cPanel allows FTP or file management of data files so Xara-generated HTM, JS, CSS and other ephemera will be good to go.

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    Default Re: Does this make sense to you?

    Basically the support guy has no idea what he's talking about.

    Xara is software created for use on Windows Desktops/Laptops.

    When you publish a website from Xara on your PC, it creates HTML, CSS, image files etc which can be used on any Linux or Windows based servers. Xara is only used to produce these files. No actual Xara file is used nor created for use on a server.

    I suggest you look at another hosting client

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    Default Re: Does this make sense to you?

    Thank you. I feel better knowing he didn't make sense to the pros as well. So.. Does anybody know a good hosting company that's cheap and would have an easy to build shopping cart?

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    Default Re: Does this make sense to you?

    Hmm. About that support guy. I would cut him a bit of slack.

    He knew nothing about Xara, did a quick look about Xara and Linux and found that it was way out of date and then was told about Xara and Windows and responded that it wouldn't run on his linux-based platform.

    I think he just thought that the Xara web run-time infrastructure needed windows and was obsolete on linux. He might have thought it relied upon some microsoft technology.

    Very few people know anything about Xara, most have never heard of it, so on the basis of that exchange I can understand why he went the wrong way.

    I think the experts here could have easily misunderstood too if the same conversation came their way about some unknown technology.




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