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    Default Plugins Not Showing Up

    I'm running Xara P&GD 15.1 and my plugins are not showing up. I made a new directory for for it /xaraplugs/ put them in there went into Xara pointed to that directory, rebooted and nothing.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Default Re: Plugins Not Showing Up

    Try this (not sure if it will work)

    In the Program Files > Xara, in the Xara Picture Editor folder put your plug-ins in the PSPlug-ins folder. This is where the program will be looking for Plug-ins. It has worked for me in the past but I have not done this for several versions now.
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    Default Re: Plugins Not Showing Up

    Did you recently install 15.1? If so, try this: close the program and right-click the program icon and select 'Run as administrator'.

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    Default Re: Plugins Not Showing Up

    As badly as I wanted them to neither suggestion worked.


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    Default Re: Plugins Not Showing Up

    Bob after you put your plug-ins where Gary suggested, or make a folder and put them in that naming it Plug-ins, the folder can be any where you choose, My Docs, My pics. Then open Xara, Options, Effects & Plug-ins, Set folder for plug-ins.

    Hope this helps Stygg

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    Default Re: Plugins Not Showing Up

    make sure enable host specific plugins box is ticked when setting the folder[s] in xara

    I have plugins working in 15.1 - which plugins are you using? - if the suggestions here do not work, it may be the plugins themselves causing issue
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    Default Re: Plugins Not Showing Up

    Problem solved. After about 6 restarts it finally picked up on it.





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