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    Default Amazon KDP Publishing

    Amazon.com has wrapped CreateSpace into a new group, KDP Publishinig.

    Apparently they have updated their publishing process for print books.

    I submitted an updated cover design for my wife's latest book and made one change to the internal text to correct a typo. The file uploading and pre-proofing now takes about 20 minutes which is a lot longer than before. But also more automated and thorough.

    However less than 24 hours later I was informed that the changes have been made and the revised book is now available on Amazon.com showing the cover change and revised description.

    In the past this process took several days.
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    Default Re: Amazon KDP Publishing

    I have done the Create Space route before on a project.

    It really is amazing what print on demand has become compared to 20 years ago and the process it took to get something to print. I can understand why publishers back then were very selective of what they published.





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