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    Default A Round of Applause for Windows Media Player

    I had some MP3 files that I wanted to convert to CDA, to be able to make a music CD.
    I do have Nero, somewhere, that I used to use, but having changed Laptops a few time... Well, you know what I mean!

    Anyway, I did a quick search and found out that Windows Media Player will do that for you with ease.
    And Windows Media Player will also do the writing for you, as long as you have a writer. You don't need any other software.

    Then, a few days ago, a friend said that he hired a car and there was no CD Player in the car.
    He was moaning that he had to do the whole journey, just listening to the radio.
    The car did have a USB port.

    So I did another quick search and wouldn't you know it, Windows Media Player will convert CDA tracks from your music CD, into MP3.
    OK. You've got a few steps to do, but, it's easy enough.

    So, there's a piece of software that comes with Windows, that does a lot more than just play your music on your PC.

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    Default Re: A Round of Applause for Windows Media Player

    I think it can also do video captures. Nice image.
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    Default Re: A Round of Applause for Windows Media Player

    I like WMP too - but for me it has one major disadvantage: by default it will regularly check all your hard drives / network / online external drives for new content and in my case that is a lot of pointless frequent searching and resource hogging - this is difficult to stop effectively

    Also it does not have any real editing ability beyond the very basic enhancement section

    It's a program that has been left to soldier on without update support for a long time now [sound familiar?], but it still has lots of uses as you say and does the job it was designed for very well

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    Default Re: A Round of Applause for Windows Media Player

    Good ol' Winamp (sadly, unsupported these days) for audio and BS Player Pro for video.
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