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    Bug Shape Tool - Flipping Triangles

    Dear Xara...

    Create a Red triangle with the QuickShape tool with a Rotation of 90
    Convert it to Editable Shapes and delete the edge nodes, leaving a simple equilateral triangle.
    Any similar construction will do so that there is a node with an angle of -90.

    Change the -
    90 to 90. The node and connected downward line should invert.
    Nothing happens.

    All works for any other angle - try -
    91 to 91.


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    Default Re: Shape Tool - Flipping Triangles

    If you go from -90 to 90 it doesn't work but if you go from -90 to, let's say, 89 and then 90, it works... what an odd behaviour.
    That's odd!!!




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