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    Default Re: Xara/Wordpress Combo

    Hi Jackb

    I have been running cricketcoachingonline.com as a WordPress blog for three and a half years. Recently I decided to switch to a Xara/Blogger combo as I have become disenchanted with WordPress for the following reasons:
    1. Incredibly slow page load times.
    2. Relentless multiple daily hacking attacks.
    3. An unwillingness to learn Gutenberg.
    4. The need to constantly update plugins.

    While moving the site to Xara I decided against embedding the blog in an iframe because of the lack of scrolling in iOS devices. I downloaded all the legacy data from the WordPress and incorporated it into the new site. I have been running a Blogger blog in another website, cricketumpiring.com, so the learning curve was limited. I have found Blogger easier to use than Wordpress and it suits my needs. I decided against incorporating a Q+A forum into the blogs, preferring to handle this aspect manually via pages. I am still working on the cricketcoaching site and it is far from the finished article. I have not yet done the link-backs, but will do so soon.


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    Default Re: Xara/Wordpress Combo

    Thanks for the info Kevin. Most appreciated. I think I will follow what you have done on my websites.




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