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Thread: Magix Connect

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    Default Re: Magix Connect

    Magix connect is an option like the old simpliclean in any of the Magix programs (and non-English versions of Xara).

    It pops up to show ads on your computer for Magix products, and can be uninstalled through the normal windows control panel procedure.

    I've seen lots of complaints about it. Would love for marketing to spend a week in support.

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    Default Re: Magix Connect


    I don’t know if you meant that to be funny but it was.

    I sympathize with your predicament.
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    Default Re: Magix Connect

    As I mentioned at #9, I keep Magix Connect. I guess that due to many complaints, Magix has just changed the way that Magix Connect is installed. Yesterday, this popped up on my screen.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    When I ran it, it uninstalled the existing one and replaced it.

    I think that this is what we'll see in the future, a request to install.
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    Default Re: Magix Connect

    magic connect has been on my system since I installed Music Maker last year and I have not so far seen any such notice

    as far as MM goes, it is a waste of time for me, it has never given me anything useful that I could not have determined from within the program

    I only see it once a month or so if that and technically I shouldn't as notifications are disabled for this in my windows 10

    now the issue has been raised I will probably uninstall it




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