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    Default Who Owns Xara Company and Desktop Products?

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to figure out whether to upgrade my XDP subscription and still unclear on some fundamentals. I thought that Xara was/is a British company but at the bottom of their webpage I see "Xara GmbH" so it's a German company -- OK that's fine but is it owned by Magix or they just decided to move the operation to Germany? I tried to ask Magix this but I could not find any manner to contact them, I logged in to a personal support area but it's just for searching support topics, not to make contact with anybody, or seems anway.

    Also, I see this new ASEOPS SEO bonus product but I can't come up with much info on it from that company's website, so not sure of it justifies a renewal to XDP but any help with SEO is beneficial I suppose. Free for now but in one year who knows what pop-up might surprise me . .. . "Time to Renew at Full Price" or similar?!

    I would like to have a clearer view of these two companies and how they interact before commiting to a renewal, although I do love using Xara it seems that they are only behind their cloud service and desktop products have been handed over to Magix which doesn't seem like a specialist development company other than marketing a mix of softwares. If Magix isn't making their desired return on investment with XDP could they end-of-life it one day and leave us scrambling?

    All feedback is welcome of course!
    Cheers, Kevin

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    Smile Re: Who Owns Xara Company and Desktop Products?

    Kevin, Xara is a separate UK company - Xara Group Limited. Xara appears to have no UK Directors.
    If however, you follow all About Xara links, you find you are in Xara GmbH territory. Xara GmbH is a VC-funded startup that is building a SaaS platform for businesses to create, collaborate and control their content. See http://www.xara.com/xara-cloud-press/press-release/, a 3M gamble.

    Xara develops the Desktop applications and Magix market, handles the help desk and all sales.
    October 2017: We are pleased to announce that our distribution partners MAGIX Software will now handle all English language sales & support for our award winning desktop titles, so clicking on the Buy links below will take you to the MAGIX shop. Here at Xara we will focus on Xara Cloud, our collaborative content creation platform.
    I wouldn't touch ASEOPS SEO as I believe it is not able to alter the Xara web page content; all you will get is frustrated over the snake oil proclamations SEO offers. Just deliver meaningful content with H1 headings and gain lots of back-links.

    Companies have to evolve and products come and go so don't get too hung up on it.

    Acorn - My currently active Xara software: occasionally serviced XDPX, purposely unserviced XDPX12 & XDPX11 (32/64-bit), unserviced XWD Premium 15 & 12, XPGD10, X3D7 and lots of 'permanently-owned' licences back through time (to CC's Artworks)




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