I feel really embarrassed having to ask this, but since I had to re-build mycomputer (broken mobo) I cannot install a series of plug-ins that I have accumulated. (Xenofex 2, several of the Flaming Pear plugins etc).

I have looked through appriate threads but cannot find simple step-by-step instructions.

Grateful if some kind person can direct me to a step by step process to install these plugins for Xara XDP

Embarrassed as previously I have fiddled around several times before and managed somehow to get them working, but defeated now!

Kind and hopeful regards

PS A while ago I did it easily for my laptop by just moving the whole shebang into thePSplugins folder and it worked just fine.

MS Windows Pro, Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming 2.0, Intel i7-8700K CPU, 16Gb, 500Gb NVMe Evo Samsung SSD970, 500Gb SSD, Gigiabyte GTX 1070. etc.