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    Default Xara Pro Pricing Comment

    I suspect I am late to the party on this subject. When I investigate the cost of subscription renewal from my current version (Pro X it seems decidedly high.

    A new buyer pays $299. On the upgrade page I pay $129 on a product listed as $647. My $129 includes a $347 discount plus an additional discount of $170 until 11/15. If I read it right, after 11/15 my upgrade price would lose the discounts and become $347, compared to $299 if I just pretend I am a new buyer.

    The product is great and I use it often for print and web products, but $129 seems a bit grabby and the $647 number seems imaginary.

    I also use WordPerfect Office suite. Their upgrade was $130 with very little upgrade. I emailed the marketing department as a 40+ years user and they sent an upgrade link with a $99 offer. Which I used because I don't want the product completely abandoned. Not sure I understand the thinking of Magix on this pricing. The Magix purchase of Xara beginning to feel like the Corel purchase of Xara.

    Thanks for the forum vent.

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    Default Re: Xara Pro Pricing Comment

    I think you will find the listed price of $647 includes the cost to buy of additional software that comes bundled free with the upgrade - if you miss the upgrade and lose the discount you could still buy new at $299




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