Dear Xara...

I was minded to put this out as a Challenge but is is a Bug that has been outstanding since the Spiral was first introduced.

The Smart controls for the Spiral has one called "Centre".
Centre my Spiral.xar has a spiral that I wish to move so its "Centre" is the middle of the page and circle with the star centre.

If I select "Centre", get the underlying shape selected instead.

I have to select the spiral itself but all the controls disappear when I drag it.
I can use Zoom and the meta-keys with the Arrow keys to nudge it into place.

Once centred, I want to place the spiral end touching the circle edge.
There is no Snap to Objects. There is no Snap to Guides. There is Snap to Grid but setting this up is awkward; it also has no clear indication that Grid snapping has happened other than a jump in cursor position.
What I do have is a Snap to 0, which mainly hinders.

This shows a lack of integration with SmartShapes generally and traditional Xara Objects.

I expect precision in my operations in working with Xara that is hampered by this and also the UI set-up where numeric entry over a slider is far, far more preferable.