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    Default Things I forgot how to do

    I am an occasional user, and of course that means I learn how to do something, then forget next time. So here are a couple of bits that either I never managed to get right, or forgot...

    1) File saving convention, I save my site as i.e WEBSITE 1, then open a new site, save it as WEBSITE 2, ok so far so good, but when I open WEBSITE 1 again, my second site is also there, and vice versa, what am I not getting?

    2) I want to publish just my mobile site as I have made changes to it, but leave the desktop version until I have made changes there later, but I cannot see an option to do that?

    Thanks Guys

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    Default Re: Things I forgot how to do

    1. If you do not close Website 1 but just shut down the Xara, then whatever was open will still be open. If you close Website 1 but then decide you want to open it again, you can go to File > Open Recent and select from there.

    2. The way the variants are structured, you cannot just publish the Mobile site. But if you have not made any changes to the main variant, then no changes will be me made. Xara creates a file that it checks when you publish (if you have checked Fast Publish Only in Web Properties > Publish) and while it may look like it is publishing everything, it is only making the most recent changes .

    I have used Xara since the mid-90s and if there is something I have not done for a while, I tend to have to get back up to speed and remember how to do it. Of course age and poor memory do not help.
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