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    Default Re: Tme delay between Searches

    CAPTCHA's are very user unfriendly and often poorly designed, especially for those with accessibility needs (read everyone), so I only use them if there is no other alternative and it is absolutely necessary. I had to abandon a site yesterday because I couldn't "solve" the "simple" CAPTCHA after six tries, even when using the audio option. The fonts used on that one made determining uppercase from lowercase impossible and the audio just announced the letters without saying what case they were.

    I'm sorry that the bad actors in the world make it harder for everyone else.
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    Default Re: Tme delay between Searches

    Quote Originally Posted by Acorn View Post
    @Barbara, the 10-second delay is manageable and thank you for your explanation.

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    Info Re: Tme delay between Searches

    I have found a sort of solution to my wish to see current Posts as they emerge.

    If you open Quick Links > Today's Posts and occasions refresh the browser, the refresh gets the latest Post but doesn't incur the 10-second wait.
    Thereafter in opening a Post to view or reply, the use of the history back arrow to the Today's Post list allows further refreshes...

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