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    Default Re: Not so easy to learn / use ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Starmo View Post
    Without checking back through our accounts I cannot say when I purchased, my best guess would be around 14 months ago.
    So if I am on v15 are there big changes that are going to affect me in v16?
    Starmo, you are unfortunately out of cover to get v16.

    I would email Magix and ask if you could get a link to Xara Designer Pro X DL x64 May 3 2018 as you were not aware that the download was available while you were in Update Service cover.

    v16 has some interesting new features: https://www.talkgraphics.com/showthr...Designer-Pro-X.
    Whether the $129 update cost is worth it is for you to decide.

    Acorn - My currently active Xara software: occasionally serviced XDPX, purposely unserviced XDPX12 & XDPX11 (32/64-bit), unserviced XWD Premium 15 & 12, XPGD10, X3D7 and lots of 'permanently-owned' licences back through time (to CC's Artworks)

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    Default Re: Not so easy to learn / use ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Frolin View Post
    Just wondering, has anyone else who is NOT a seasoned user of XARA,
    found themselves fumbling around trying to find options, features, to edit buttons or content,
    and feel like things in XARA work different than you would expect ?

    It seems like every time I try to come back to using XARA after being away for a couple months, I am starting from scratch and wasting 50 minutes of each hour, trying to figure out how to make it work. Just had trouble setting up the 'Navigation Bar' because I forgot you have to go 'import' a button to then trigger the Nav Bar. And last 15 minutes trying to edit the fonts and colors of the text in the buttons.

    Makes me feel like I am new to the concepts of web design, every time I start a new project.

    Frolin. I would think like any other skill or knowledge, if one only sporadically indulges, how would a person master the skills.

    • If you're learning a language and study hard for a month or two and then stop "for a couple months" as you say.... you will be weak on what you have studied...
    • I play piano... and can you guess what happens if I don't touch it "for a couple months?"
    • Ask an athlete of ANY type what happens when they sit on the couch and eat "for a couple months", rather than train.

    I guess we could go on for a very long list. But you get the point... no one (I believe) had more problems with software and learning curves them me. It took a while to reach a 'desired' level of proficiency with Xara.
    Many problems.... many major screw-ups etc. But slowly over time, and consistently using the software brought me a level that I'm satisfied with... not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. But I have what I need.

    When I decided to make the commitment, I practiced a few hours a week just making all sorts of websites and documents and drawings... playing in essence... asking around here, reading a lot in here... etc...

    Bottom line... it's not the XARA software... it's the time put in to learn it... Apparently you were never an ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD users... you want a software learning curve??????? WOW!!! If you were an ADOBE user, you'd find yourself back here thinking that XARA software is the easiest, and most productive software on the planet...

    Just some thoughts.... and good luck.... and commit so a little time each week to USING the software.





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