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Thread: P&GD 15 &16

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    Default P&GD 15 &16

    So it looks like my 32 but plugins will not work with 16 even though I have a 64 bit machine. Bummer, I had wanted to give that a try but am having so many problems trying to get 15 to work which it does not, And I have tried and tried. First I downloaded the trial and put my v12 ser no in but didn't work so bought the program, again, same result, then again same result. Contacted the
    German office and they have no record of many of my purchases, Next step is to contact MAGIX US and try to get the v15 issue resolved that way.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Larry a.k.a wizard509

    Never give up. You will never fail, but you may find a lot of ways that don't work.

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    Default Re: P&GD 15 &16

    What 32 bit plugins are you using that no longer work in version 16?





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