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    Lightbulb Location of Content Cache

    Dear Xara...

    The use of the %LocalAppData% folder structure to hold the Cache from the Online Content Catalogue is inappropriate. (MS Explorer > %LocalAppData%\Local\Xara\XtremePro\16\Cache\).

    The LocalAppData environment variable refers to location of temporary files of applications. Its uses include storing of desktop themes, Windows error reporting, caching and profiles of web browsers.
    The Xara Cache, at over 3GB, is clearly not a suitable place for the designs and templates used in the Xara Desktop applications.

    You do not make the location obvious to a naive user who may use a product (like IntelliClean) to recover storage space and lose all their previously downloaded content.
    Secondly, the use of %LocalAppData% forces program and data to be on the same physical drive, slowing access times.

    Can the location of the Cache be user-selectable on install and can you provide instructions to migrate the Cache to a new location at any time.

    Acorn - My currently active Xara software: occasionally serviced XDPX, purposely unserviced XDPX12 & XDPX11 (32/64-bit), unserviced XWD Premium 15 & 12, XPGD10, X3D7 and lots of 'permanently-owned' licences back through time (to CC's Artworks)

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    Default Re: Location of Content Cache


    Space on C drive these days is quite limited.
    Xara DPX(365)

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    Default Re: Location of Content Cache

    This makes sense to me.

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