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    Bug Different background Images for Supersites

    Dear Xara...

    Your approach to adding an image to the Pasteboard is such that only the image of the first page every gets published.

    You fail to publish any other images on other pages' Pasteboards.
    No image on the Pasteboard is allowed a Name.
    Combined, both these basic kludges break the concept of Parallax Scrolls much favoured in current web design and your much-vaunted WYSIWYG concept.

    The main culprit is in xr_main.css where the Class xr_bgb0 is given an image background of 1.png.
    xr_bgb0 is just applied to the HTML body tag and despite then referencing subsequent pages with their own Class xr_bgbn, where n is the page index, none appear in the main HTML and all are tarred with the first image, 1.png.

    In the main HTML each "page" is encoded within a DIV of xr_pagen (n, as above).

    The remedy should consist of the following:

    1. Allow all Pasteboard images a Name.
    2. Publish all Pasteboard images.
    3. Add the correct background Class to each page DIV.
    4. Remove the background Classes currently misapplied.

    I can tediously write JS code to change the CSS to point to the right images but I also have to find a way to publish the images that are "there" already.
    This can be improved.

    Acorn - My currently active Xara software: occasionally serviced XDPX, purposely unserviced XDPX12 & XDPX11 (32/64-bit), unserviced XWD Premium 15 & 12, XPGD10, X3D7 and lots of 'permanently-owned' licences back through time (to CC's Artworks)

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    Default Re: Different background Images for Supersites


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