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Thread: Fly on the wall

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    Default Fly on the wall

    Well, it could be said that the title is an apt one.

    I came across this article on MSN:
    Alexa, should we trust you?

    To be honest, the article is far too long for me. I'm not studying for any exams and when something that has to be read, gets too long, then I never get to the end. Quite often, I don't even get half way!

    Anyway, I came across the attached picture in the article and thought it represented my views of what these devices could be doing - whether it's under the manufacturers' control and knowing or by accident!

    I'm sure many of you heard/read about the incident (also reported in this article) where Alexa recorded a conversation and then e-mailed it to someone.

    Do you have a device like this?
    I don't.
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    Default Re: Fly on the wall

    That's an elephant in the nano tech world.
    Soon we won't be able to spot the big brother or sister

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    Default Re: Fly on the wall

    Trying to avoid such **** as long as possible.
    ( didn't read the article to more than 2% )

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    Default Re: Fly on the wall

    long? you did not jest..

    so what happens when the electricity is off... nah, don't think I'll bother.. give me a 'wake-call' next decade maybe...

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    Default Re: Fly on the wall

    Bottom line, as my wife endlessly says, TRUST NO ONE. Especially Alexa. Or Siri. Or any other device you can speak to which will answer you.
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    Default Re: Fly on the wall

    I skim-read the article but I didn’t particularly enjoy it. It seemed too padded out by being too chatty and anecdotal. I’m not planning to have one of these devices (ever) but it’s strange how these things slowly creep into your life. I’ve even tuned off Windows 10 Cortana the best I can, but I think “she?” probably is still listening, watching and recording my every move!
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    Default Re: Fly on the wall

    Just scan/read it just now and I will have no such thing in my house,not even a smart fridge,tv or the likes
    Though the startrek computer is the main idea behind this voice activated devices
    But in startrek it is a non capitalist world with no hunger,currency so no gain whatsoever
    unlike in the real world of today where the big companies will sell our info to anybody who will see a profit in it.
    And marketing/advertising is just the minimal usage.




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