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    Hi All , i have just changed web hosts and am now using cpanel. When in installing the ssl my forms disappear, have changed the imbed code to https , republish and nothing. have contacted host and they say to make sure everything is published to
    " public_html folder where the live website is located " I corrected some spelling errors etc..republish and nothing changes . Am i doing something wrong? Is there anyway when publishing from Xara to make sure i am publishing to the public html folder, i am publishing as i always did with previous host? see attached. Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Publishing to Cpanel

    When you say that nothing changes even though you updated your site, you are probably seeing the cached version of your site. So, press Ctrl+F5 to refresh your browser's cache.

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    Thanks Boy, did that even cleared the computer history.Just wandering if I have to add public-html to subfolder, even though I didn’t with previous host, but it wasn’t cPanel?

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    Yes, add public_html to your host subfolder settings.
    Note: It's an underscore (_) not a hyphen (-)




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