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    Info Is this an Archive?

    Since v15.1 Desktop application release on 03 May 2018, there has not been a single update in over five months.
    In the same period, Xara Cloud has had 17 content and program updates and is now at version 47.

    Getting the occasional notice, version 44, version 45, version 46 and version 47, for example might inspire a TGer to take another look at how Xara Cloud is getting on.
    I look ever hopeful that some new XC functionality might feed across into the Desktops.

    To not even acknowledge Egg's helpful observation, now viewed over 830 times since July is equally damning.

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    Default Re: Is this an Archive?

    I agree if this is the case with the way Magix gonna work I will be looking at other programs...not a happy camper with the way
    Xara is going
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    Default Re: Is this an Archive?

    Firstly thanks for Acorn highlighting this totally disregarded thread.

    Xara/Magix appears to believe their very spasmodic input into TG negates ignoring threads.

    Dear Xara is the worst example of this. This should be the prime thread for Xara/Magix to respond too but apart from moderators input there is rarely input from Devs or support staff ...

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