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    Default Objects Gallery help appreciated.

    Hi, my name is Tim and I am new to this software. I am reading the book, xara Xtreme 5. However I am using the software xara designer pro X 365. I cannot see an object's Gallery in this software, which is a bit frustrating as Gary Boulton refers to it in his tutorial on page 15 of the book. This is not a criticism as the book is to do with xara Xtreme 5 and not pro X. I am looking for some easy tutorials that a dummy can follow, that's why I am using this book. If there was a book to do with graphic designer pro X I would buy it.

    Please can someone direct me to the object's Gallery if it exists and if it doesn't is it called something else in designer pro X?


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    Default Re: Objects Gallery help appreciated.

    Welcome David! Xtreme 5 is from quite a few years ago so some of the terminology, functionality and content has changed since then. The Object Gallery is now called the Local Designs Gallery. Content is also available through the online Content Catalog (Insert/From Content Catalog...) if you make use of Xara's Update Service. Caveat: It is possible that the objects Gare is referring to may no longer be available in the version you are using.




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