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    Default My websites - your suggestions for improvement !

    Just completed today: https://www.fockdiack.org (using Xara Designer Pro 15 (lastest version)

    Other websites:
    1. www.e-zysearch.com

    2. www.pfamauritius.org

    3. www.blooddonorsnetwork.org

    4. aamauritius.net

    5. www.vegetariansocietymauritius.org

    *** Problems always encountered is at the level of Mobile Variants especially when scripts codes which need to be placed at larger screen and mobile variants (example two Iframes or two java or jQUERY scripts cause conflicts and worse if three variants are created !)

    Hence, it would be great if Xara developers/engineers could solve this issue
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    Default Re: My websites - your suggestions for improvement !

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    Default Re: My websites - your suggestions for improvement !

    Thank you very much indeed.

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    Default Re: My websites - your suggestions for improvement !

    I checked out the top two sites.

    On the e-zsearch site it is taking a long time to load. I suspect it is the video frame slowing this site down.

    I looked at your pfamauritius.org site and under the membership page there no where to download the form for applying for membership. Overall I liked the look of this site much better than the e-zsearch site.

    I will try and take a look at the other sites later.


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    Default Re: My websites - your suggestions for improvement !

    Nice work Edgemu. I particularly like the Blood Donor site and the Vegetarian Society of Mauritius Website. I have been a veggo for 47 years and working my way around to giving up eggs, so I liked the informative and interesting link. I am impressed with the big bright Fock Diack website - which I have just spent the past hour reading and ingesting, instead of appraising your design components...sorry! The bright red colour theme of the Fock Diack website perfectly promotes the characteristic feel of your Chinese clients. It is certainly evident that you have invested many hours (days and weeks presumably) in preparing these websites. Well done Edgemu.
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    Default Re: My websites - your suggestions for improvement !

    Thank you very much indeed. Updates

    1. https://www.e-zysearch.com

    2. NEW: https://www.amicalemaurice-israel.org

    3. NEW: https://www.diabetessafeguard.org

    4. https://www.bda-mauritius.org

    5. In the pipeline (my friend and colleague who is a 3rd Dan Black Belt Aikido Coach). I need to make it responsive and perhaps change the website completely. http://aikidoryumauritius.com/
    This being said, I am thinking whether to use XDP V 17 or Website X5 Pro which I purchased BUT still learning.
    Note: There has been lots of improvement. However, the main issue is codes conflict like when using a php or java or even jquery script which when placed in Main and Variant (Mobile) pages and exported, it causes code conflict.
    Sometimes, you can trick it depending on the script and sometimes you can't: Example, an Iframe can be placed as well as the php generated script BUT it does not work always.

    I have put aside another expensive software: Coffee-cup Site Designer as well as Bootstrap Studio, since I must confess, I am not used in the CSS side which I aver is very crucial for a true web designer; else they can do wonders!

    I am now happy of the effort of Xara/Magix Developers. I believe they can make wonders by separating the Graphic Design aspects and make Xara Web Designer Pro version with Drag and drops like Mobirise or Webflow. This would be a killer software. Even Intuisphere WebAcappella FX does not have code conflicts BUT my God full of bugs like the Serpent of hydra: chop one heads, another one appears !

    So, would it be great that you build only one version and it automatically adapts to different variants like Mobirise for example (However, I return mobirise because its very difficult to insert 3rd party PHP Scripts, unlike with XARA which I must confess offers through Placeholder an easy way to insert codes.

    I wish every one here lots of love and courage especially with the coVid-19 Pandemic outbreak and sadly many people dying.

    So Stay Safe and be prudent.

    Thanks for your positive inputs as it helps really and this is besides the reason of this forum which helps us to improve and share our knowledge, while learning from more experience web designers.
    My sincere thanks to Gary Priester for his dedication and commitment.

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    Default Re: My websites - your suggestions for improvement !

    Dear Abikadabra

    Thank you very much indeed for your kind appreciation. It means a lot and is indeed an encouragement.

    Another Chinese website which I give to them on their 160th Anniversary: https://www.namshunfooykoon.com/

    sadly, I could not get a much better picture for the Hero picture (Temple Entrance). As such I used the one I have since the previous one. In fact, while, I did my first website in September 2011 (coincidentally on September 11), The Chinese website was my first venture into commercial website and it was 1st done in Frontpage and when I discovered Xara Designer, it was a game changer.

    I try to give the best of myself.

    Now with CoVid-19 many small businesses are having acute problems and many will be closed down.

    through e-zysearch website, I am planning to give them a one page website but this needs constant and proper planning. The only issues, our sme's are very backward since these people may be good in their work/crafts but in terms of knowledge in doing business and marketing, many don't have a good hindsight.
    Anyway, once again, Stay Safe
    Kind Regards



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