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Thread: An Apology

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    As may well have been expected by fellow contributors, I have received a polite, but firm request to cease and desist from posting inflammatory comments hereabouts. I accept that I have been somewhat over-the-top in a lot of topics in Dear Xara over quite a long period. In fact I am surprised that it hasn't happened a lot sooner. The change in the way the MagiXara products are now marketed has been a bone of contention among some contributors here, and I must accept that I have been among the most vociferous of critics on TG in this regard. I know that I have overstepped the mark, and have done so to provoke some kind of reaction.

    This rebuke comes as no surprise, and I accept it knowing that I deserved it, and in fact expected a more serious form of punishment. That none has been forthcoming is a pleasant but unexpected surprise. I do stand by my remarks, as I feel that they have been a deserved criticism of the MagiXara method of exacting payment, which has proved to be a disappointment to all in terms of what has been offered in return so far by the company.

    I will abide by their request to toe the line in terms of my future behaviour on TG, and I will say that I am honestly sorry for any problems I may have caused for the moderators.
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    For one, I would prefer to have someone like you guarding my back; I believe your zeal is well-intentioned.

    Use Dear Xara wisely for single-topic issues that are in Xara's gift, remaining focused and accurate.
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    Dissent and deserved criticism are both useful and desirable so long as they're offered constructively. In my long experience here, Xara staff are far from unresponsive. They serve Xara users to the best of their ability. I'm looking forward to your continued participation in the community. Apology accepted.


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    hang on in there Bob and be yourself; constructively, of course

    I recall you joined the forum 4 weeks after me and we have seen a lot of changes in those 11.5 years... no matter what, never lose sight of what is really inmportant

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    I welcome you back and look forward to reading constructive criticism from anyone. This being said, we all should and that includes myself using words that are not one sided and negative. The clash of opinions brings about the truth but it does not have to be a holy war LOL.
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