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    Default Re: Wanted to share a few sites I have created with Xara Designer Pro X...

    Hi Tazz. Great work! You have been busy! I really like the Jungle Aquatics site. Bright, colourful, interactive, as is the Summer Camp website. All the websites show very good use of Xara Web Designer and the software’s capabilities. The only website I had an issue with was the H & T Collision site, and that was because it was i n c r e d i b l y y y y y y slow to open. I think this may be caused by the tiled Background you have chosen, which once opened looks great - but it did take nearly 30 seconds to fully fill the background on the home page, and even slower on the contact page (it came down like a slow curtain-call) and it also delayed the loading of all the other elements on the pages . The elements on the contact page took more than 30 seconds to appear, and I think that may have been something to do with the scroll feature you have attributed on the map. When I opened the page only the top inch of the map was visible right down at the bottom of the page. I had to scroll down to get the map to scroll up, and only when I did that did the rest of the contact information appear above the map. Perhaps if you took the animation off the contact details and left them fixed in place, the issue with the map might be resolved? Nevertheless, very good work Tazz.
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    Default Re: Wanted to share a few sites I have created with Xara Designer Pro X...

    Thank you for sharing tazz. Your sites are so creative with so much detail. I am so amazed. Gives me the initiative to try and accomplish anything I see on the sites.




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