It's well known that Garamond has a lot of versions, maybe more as any other font. I tried to compare:

ATF Garamond
Adobe Garamond Pro
EB Garamond
Adobe Garamond Premiere pro
Sabon Next
Stempel Garamond

I love the renaissance taste of EB Garamond, but it's "in progress" from many years and hitherto never ended.
Stempel Garamond appears nice, but in my version (002 from FontFolio 11.0) is missing of many glyphs and ligatures (f. i. "č" and the ligature for "ff") and I don't like the "z" letter. I don't know if more recent versions are more complete.
For I need old style numbers (typical of Garamond) and true small caps, even if it's a rather subjective opinion which Garamond do you prefer and recommend?