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    Default Can Xara Publishing handle autocad drawings with hatches?

    I looked for a forum specifically for Xara Publishing but didn't see one. I have created some autocad drawings that contain a lot of hatches.
    I plotted them as pdf's and tried to import them into Serif PagePlus but they came in corrupted. I even tried an earlier version of Autocad but
    the hatches were causing the problem and they came in poorly as well.

    Can Xara Publishing handle pdf's from autocad that contain hatches (many objects) ?


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    Default Re: Can Xara Publishing handle autocad drawings with hatches?

    It depends on the file format. You can download a free 30-day trial version and try to open the document. Nothing ventured nothing gained etc.

    I am also going to move this out of web design and into design.
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    Default Re: Can Xara Publishing handle autocad drawings with hatches?

    thats part of my business to open dwg's from autocad.
    hatches are pattern from autocad right?
    my biggest problem is to avoid them, because they blow up the file and make
    every program slow as hell. no matter if illustrator, inkskape or coreldraw
    most of the patterns are a mess of very little dots or whatever.

    but xara works best of them.

    i use DWG Trueview 2019
    ACME Cad converter
    to plot pdf files.
    no sicknature. for nearly 13 years. omg ...




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