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    Default Re: Trouble with two-color fill-part two

    Not sure how this thread got closed but it is now open for comments again.
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    Default Re: Trouble with two-color fill-part two

    Gary, you should be able to re-open a thread ???

    EDIT: and like magic it was. Thanks Gary.

    Meanwhile, the problem with using linear fills (unless it done via css) is that the text becomes an image and as such can't be 'read' by Search Engines. Here's a workaround:


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    Info Re: Trouble with two-color fill-part two

    @gary - you can retain fine control with the Profile if you use two shapes with linear fill and make the uppermost a flat overlay transparency.
    @Egg - I have include a CSS3 Text Gradient example here:

    Xara - 2-colour fill.xar
    Such an effect still needs the -webkit- prefix and so won't perform in IE.

    The advantages of the CSS3 approach are: no images (technically, one is created in the browser), text is text (scale the Preview to 500% and see how crisp it still is & smaller downloads (faster).
    The main additional benefit is the gradient can be animated.

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    Default Re: Trouble with two-color fill-part two

    good to see the methodology for web sites as well as the basics




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