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    Default Re: Lack of participation in Xara Web Gallery

    Quote Originally Posted by haakoo View Post
    like Paul said
    I removed the section that haakoo referred to - I thought that my extended musings probably weren't worthwhile. Just some comments on the near-stagnant development and the shift to an online Xara, the size of the active community, etc.

    Xara is very capable, but the world around it has changed and it's not the only game in town.

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    Default Re: Lack of participation in Xara Web Gallery

    For me, I only come here very occasionally because there seems less reason to do so now than at any time since I joined. I use Xara products mainly for graphics but occasional web design even though I do small sites, and since Webstyle linked to Frontpage...remember that, I liked using it, but graphics is THE reason for Xara in my opinion.

    Xara now seems to concentrate on web design...although mass of templates is barely design and I've never used one even once, and since there is Wix and others like Godaddy with web design directly from a hosting account, amateurs can use them and don't need our services for basic design, which in many respects makes Xara redundant for some and negates sales to new people and new members of the forum.

    The forum needs new members and, as others have said, many older members may have transferred to other software, so this has become something of a club for diehards, and Xara hasn't helped with their attitude to upgrades.

    What's to be done? For me, curb the obsession with online products and go back to a more traditional style of sales vehicle where the customer is listened to and catered for, develop the graphics programme as we always wanted it, and perhaps the forum may again flourish.

    But given the recent attitude of Xara employees...I somehow doubt it.




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