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    Default Re: Striped King Script + Swashes FREE

    And we should vet them, too.

    Habano is a commercial font.

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    Default Re: Striped King Script + Swashes FREE

    Well I did it again, posted without really posting, because my post does not show, therefore here it is again.
    Thanks Gare, I had gotten it from creative market. Lets see if I manage this time.
    Larry a.k.a wizard509

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    Default Re: Striped King Script + Swashes FREE

    I'll find some more beautiful faces in the future that are unencumbered by a guy in an alley with a large stick looking for thieves.

    Idea here? Let's use our better art judgement, as I seldom do, to promote excellent typography and font creators here, and not make it a Font ShovelWare Depot.


    I think setting a standard here, and I know that this is relative, can eventually attract traffic to tg as we become known.
    My post above should now be deleted...

    One great go-to site for fonts is FontSquirrel. Use the filter tags on the right to hone in on what type of fonts one wants.


    For example the linky sets it to script fonts. All free for personal/commercial usage, all use an OpenSource licensing--which means you can legally edit it as well.

    You can find most all (perhaps all) of these on Google Fonts as well. But FS is a better site to me. As well, they have a Font Deals tab (relatively new) where there can be amazing font deals for purchased fonts.


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    Default MultiColore Font Fun

    MultiColore Free font AND free EPS glyphs is half-graphic design/half-font package.

    Just look at the examples on the landing page, download the set and I'll betcha great ideas will start sprouting!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ernie F text.jpg 
Views:	51 
Size:	55.0 KB 
ID:	121996

    Name:  yogabot.gif
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    Default Re: MultiColore Font Fun

    The color version of the font is free, too. Just need an application that can handle color fonts...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	capture-002161.png 
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Size:	26.0 KB 
ID:	121998

    But one gets the as designed colors. So the AI version is nice!





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