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    Default Comic Idea/Cover Art Mockup

    Lately, I've been getting into the history of 'wrasslin', especially southern style, where reality and fantasy are hard to discern...do those guys really hate each other? Was that knock supposed to be that brutal? Did he really break his leg or is he taking a short gig in Japan?

    Anyway, I've been kicking around an idea to do a series of shorts tentatively titled BUMP & $ELL, which are wrestling terms; BUMP is when you take a hit or slam to make the other guy look good/look powerful and SELL is when you make it look like it hurts way more than it actually did. The comic is intended to be a bit of a comedy and satire while hopefully treating the old industry with respect since those guys really do have to be not only acrobatic, but skilled in acting/public speaking, improvisation and, of course, able to get knocked onto a concrete floor and get up just to do it again.

    The art will likely be black and white (I find it just more fun to work with, honestly ) and conceptually it works to the HEEL/FACE aspect; matches tend to be booked based on a 'good guy' wanting to beat a 'bad guy' or vice versa and so rather than make a full color cover, I decided to continue what I've been doing anyway which is focusing on black and white art with a dash of color as a design element rather than artistic element. Nothing is set in stone and currently I'm just doing artwork like this while I figure out exactly how I'm going to go about it (and whether I'm interested in it enough to actually follow through!)

    I guess that's all I got in terms of explaining what you're looking at. Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Comic Idea/Cover Art Mockup

    Love the artwork. Superb drawing. Should you follow through, that only you can decide.
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    Default Re: Comic Idea/Cover Art Mockup

    Looks like a fun endeavor, hseiken! I like your illustration.
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