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    Default Make my website fit any screen

    Is it possible to make my website automatically stretch to fit any sized screen? I have three sizes done but the largest appears on my 24" screen with a white border, with the old programme I used it would stretch to fill the actual screen automatically.

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    Default Re: Make my website fit any screen

    Hi bigjohnt & welcome to TalkGraphics. It's not possible to achieve your desired effect apart from creating a site using a presentation. There are drawbacks to this however as:

    1: All pages on the site need to be of nearly equal space.
    2: Your site needs to be letter box size widescreen or 4x3
    3: The site would be a supersite, which loads all the sites assets at once, which isn't ideal on an overly large website.
    4: Text would be hard to read on mobile devices.

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    Default Re: Make my website fit any screen

    You could try Web Export Options > Supersite > Page Transitions: Instant > Scale to Fit Screen.

    As Egg says, keeps all the pages to same width to avoid the pages scaling differently.

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    Default Re: Make my website fit any screen

    Welcome to TalkGraphics

    The only way to do what you want is as Acorn suggests Fit to Screen. This is a good solution if your pages are about one screen of information. If your pages are long then this is not a good solution and I don't think you will be happy with results.

    I recommend having your page and background color the same, then if there is space on either side of the page in a large browser the design still works and the page floats in the background color.
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