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Thread: Wacom Tablet

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    Default Wacom Tablet

    Having looked enviously at graphic tablets for what seems about 10 years, I've just purchased a Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch tablet.

    I'm somewhat underwhelmed at the moment ... The problem is there are so many options for setup, and having never used a tablet before I have no idea what I should setup where, and the out of the box configuration doesn't seem to exist, nothing is setup to do anything.

    Is there anyone out there who would be kind enough to at least point me to a beginner setup that may work until I know/understand what I'm doing with it.

    As a side note, it came with Corel PaintShop Pro X8 which again, has been something that I've considered purchasing for a while too. Bonus!

    I've been watching PaintShop Pro tutorials for quite a while now, and two things have become apparent:
    One - there are a huge number of people who barely know how to use PaintShop Pro who think it might be a good idea to write a tutorial to show other people how to barely know how to use PaintShop Pro, and
    Two - I haven't really seen anything that can't be done in Xara Photo and Graphic Designer (much less Designer Pro) - much more easily, with much less fuss and bother.

    Don't get me wrong there are some tools I would like to see Xara take a look at and maybe enhance their tools accordingly ... Selection tools (5 of them), for instance are almost infinitely controllable for tolerance etc. that I feel Xara may be falling down a little there. However, most of their tools seem very clunky and unintuitive compared to Xara's interface.

    There are also some really good tutorials that have me thinking "What a fantastic idea, I'm sure I could do that in Xara" Especially this Webinar about working with layers and his brilliant (in my opinion) composite image, which If I can find/photograph the right sort of images, I'd love to try out. It may even tempt me to get my camera out and look for the right sort of landscape etc.

    Anyway, having digressed, if anyone could help me out with the Wacom beginner configuration, I would be grateful.

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Wacom Tablet

    I'm assuming you need this for photo-retouching and not for drawing freehand?

    Big problem with xara is that it only supports pressure sensitivity with the freehand pen tool, and it does not support pen tilt or rotate at all

    personally I would use a raster program, the tablet is designed specifically to be used with a reaster program, photoshop is the pro bench mark maybe, but if it is bundled with PSP then go for it, it will obviouly work well [you would hope ]

    in their instructions here wacom use clip studio paint - but the section 'using your wacom intuos' should be relevant if nothing else?


    if you have questions I should be able to help, though I use a cintiq which has a different setup dialog the principles are the same

    corel have a forum of course - not been there for a while - but it used to be active and helpful....

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    Default Re: Wacom Tablet

    To be honest, I've been using graphics tablets for many years and have never really made the effort to configure specific options and buttons. I guess it depends on how you work.

    Once your hand/eye coordination gets settled in, it can be useful to open the Wacom Tablet properties utility. This then allows you to change the pen settings like click distance, tip feel and configure what the buttons do etc.

    To me the biggest advantage of using a graphics tablet is just being able to draw and use pen and brush tools more naturally and accurately.
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    Default Re: Wacom Tablet

    Me the same.

    But no poblems with the default settings. Only XARA dont undertsudt the WACOM-Driver. For me it helps to colse XARA, and with open driver settings (WACOM) restart XARA.
    Maybe it helps You too.




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