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Thread: Just miss Flash

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    Nice one Egg. That's came from a strange part of your imagination by the looks of it.

    I'd also be interested in a Flash replacement HTML5 editor, just for fun rather for doing anything serious (but you never know!).

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    When I was last at Uni in 2007 (as a mature student!!!) we were encouraged to use Flash (and ActionScript) for creating interactive installation work. When I went back in 2013 (even more mature) Flash had virtually died out and Processing programming was the new thing. It was very powerful and capable of producing beautifully fluid and complex animation, but quite different from Flash and a bit too much for me as a visual person and non-programmer. I did achieve a few things but nothing like my original final project work which was all done in Flash. Here's an early experimental bit of Flash (converted into a gif) done whilst learning the ropes.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egg Bramhill View Post
    I was very fond of using Flash to create animations, using either Flash or Xara's .swf export , it was so simple. But those days have gone. I've yet to find a decent html5 replacement that comes anywhere near as close as Flash re ease of use and file size. I currently use Hippani Animator 5.1 but it appears that this software has now fallen by the wayside too.

    Obviously all graphics created using Xara.

    Here's a nonsense animation created in Hippani , just fun creating animations, no particular rhyme nor reason

    Cute anilmation Egg. I liked flash too. As I recall there is a gif animator that does tweening too but don't remember the name of it or for that matter how well it works.
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    I'm a visual person too Jon, far preferring graphic explanations than textual ones. I manage to 'touch' on the sides of JS as I did in AS but never more than a struggling amateur. Just love that crab.

    But this highlights the point you, Larry & others are raising, there may be pretenders to the throne of Macromedia Flash but there's no definitive knock-out replacement re HTML5. Thanks for the earlier alternative links too but they aren't in the same league as Flash unfortunately either.

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    Nice animation mate. And yes, in the times when Flash was shining it was sooo much easier to achieve.




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