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    Default Re: From Russia with Love :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Gare View Post
    I did not see it yesterday, and as a Mod I can see what's deleted, except when a member self-deletes a post.

    Hopefully, Igor, if this is what you posted yesterday, I am flattered and hope you don't mid me sharing the graphic you sent me in PM.

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    Спасибо. Igor!

    (Phonetically pronounced Spasibo)

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    c удовольствием

    Dear Gary
    I was happy to make the picture for you . You know

    I understand and speak Russian
    BTW I'm not Russian. I'm Slovak.
    Bratislava is as far from Moscow as Liverpool, NY from Orlando, FL
    and Ukraine is between Slovak and Russia

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    end of geographical window

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    Default Re: From Russia with Love :)

    I am among many, many Americans, completely ignorant of any country that is East of our Atlantic shore. :)
    I also do not speak Russian.

    I know how to Google translate.

    But my mother is Russian, and I know a few phrases, not worth repeating.

    Wow! Liverpool is quite far from DisneyWorld! Barbara and I went there, and it was a 49 minute airplane ride.

    How many minutes is that in metric?

    But you're even farther.

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    My Best,


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    Default Re: A thorny hamburger

    Quote Originally Posted by Gare View Post
    Barfing out loud!



    Here is one that is only partially mine. I discovered the original, scanned at 1 bit per pixel, too small for just about anything. There is no copyright; I offer the Xara version freely as a gift to the community.

    Attachment 124022

    For anyone who is into the origins of symbology, this piece, very sdimilar to the eye in a pyramid on the back of U.S. currency, is an early Christian symbol, not a demonish one as suggested by the superstitious.

    The eye is the all-seeing eye of God. The pyramid is actually a triangle representing the 3 expressions of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

    I'm not inclined to revel or attach any super significance to symbols, precisely because they are symbols, representations, icons of something that is often intangible.

    Anyhow, I like this particular, woodcuttish version, as a nice design.

    Please help yourself.

    My Best,


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    Thanks for that information Gare.
    Larry a.k.a wizard509

    Never give up. You will never fail, but you may find a lot of ways that don't work.

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    Default I've expanded!

    I asked The Admin whether I could start a blog on tg.

    She said no.

    So instead, when I have content to share, I'll post it on a new Xara Art Gallery of mine, along with the piece.

    Bouton's new test site. Volume III

    If I get high score for most hits, Kate tells me I'll get a prize.

    I'm kidding: She told me it I get any more thousands of hits, I'll get to pay the host bill monthly.

    I'm lying about most things above.



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    I did this at about the same time I wrote the book on Xara. One was published and I gave away the XAR drawing, and this one I didn't. It's almost entirely Extruded I later traced off so I could export it and stuff.




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