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    Info Blending along a Path

    This resource (https://www.talkgraphics.com/showthr...pes-on-a-curve) is too good not to resurrect!

    Can you publish some of your examples in the original Thread to keep it alive?

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    Default Re: Blending along a Path


    I never seen this post because it was so far before my time. It is amazing how much information is on this site.

    Thanks for bring it back up, I may have some ideas to try.


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    Default Re: Blending along a Path

    Over the years as new features have been added it seems to me that the power of Xara's Blend Tool has diminished. I remember back when I was first using Xara I could blend a group of different objects including text and bitmaps and the results were amazing. I can't give you an example.

    Here is a very early blend I did using stroked shapes, rotation, and Position Profiles.
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