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    Default PSP7 Applying style to all text.

    In Paint Shop Pro 7, I have selected a style (sort of a rainbow pattern).

    When I type text, the style is applied to each letter individually. In the past (years ago), I figured out how to apply it across all the letters.

    In the attached picture, the top line shows each letter in the selected style. The bottom text applies the style across the text as a whole. It is the bottom sample that I want to be able to create.

    My memory is gone. Please help me out. Thanks so much.

    Redmond, Oregon
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    Default Re: PSP7 Applying style to all text.

    do you mean PSP 7 or PSP X7 ...

    PSP 7 is like before the ark I go back a bit and I only remember ver 9 [before corel took it over from jasc]

    in any event you probably can't get the program to add the pattern fill style the way you want it as you type - Im guessing here, but I think you will need to type your letters first and the select all [maybe group] and then apply style

    you might be better off asking in a corel forum.... if you can't get this to work...
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