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    I used to go to the web gallery for ideas, but Xara does not seem to update them. I normally only go here for problems. So glad everyone has been posting examples - gives me wonderful examples. I am not a professional designer, and only get limited time to work with program so I guess I am a hobbyist, just giving you the links in case there is something different you might see, they all need some adjustments. I work full time as a bookkeeper, have scleroderma, so I have spurts to work on the sights, and then they can sit for some time. My site I just started that needs a lot more info, and the anchors with sticky menu need to be adjusted is www.sclerodermajourney.com. The site I made for my significant other's business is www.jerrys-furniture.com, been up for a while, have a hard time changing it, on the mobile device you cant mouse over the links for different types of furniture, but in a regular browser, pops ups up pictures of corresponding items. Then we have www.cbsi-online.com , which is way to busy. All the sites have mobile variants. I am amazed at what I am getting to view from others. Please keep posting!

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    Thanks for sharing. You have been very busy and productive.

    Are there any challenges/obstacles you have overcome or discoveries you have made in the process?
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    Hello Yellowbird. I am sorry we are all so laid-back in responding to your thread. Goodness, I see you posted 4 months ago and no one but good old Gary replied. I like your websites very much, and even though you say the last one is very busy, I don't think you could make it less so as you have so many products and services to offer. That website must have taken you weeks – in fact ALL three of them must have taken you many weeks slugging away at the keyboard. I have made some very large websites over the years and I absolutely appreciate how time consuming and brain-draining they can be. I no longer make biggies, and prefer to stick to smaller service websites rather than ones with products. I am amazed that you are able to make such large websites with your medical condition (just spent an hour on your website!) and I commend you for your colossal output . Such an enormous effort of productivity should surely be rewarded - come on Jerry, put another ring on that finger. (Thirty years is a long time to be engaged!).

    I like Jerry's Furniture site, but may I suggest that you remove the Sticky component from the slideshows on the Living, Dining, and Bedroom pages as the slideshows obstruct the information on the rest of the page, and on a smallish laptop it is hard to see it at all. But well done on three mammoth websites completed, Yellowbird. There is nothing wrong with my hands and I would not undertake the amount of work you have produced. You are amazing. Here’s cheers to you, and enjoy your day.
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    Thank you so much for your kind reply and for actually taking the time to look at the sites. I didn't respond sooner, as I didn't think anyone would respond other than Gary. I was looking at some of the new amazing sites posted, and for some reason decided to check it. Thank you for the suggestion on the Jerry's Furniture site, I agree. I have more time at home now, hopefully can read, practice and up my skills better. Yes CBSI is a monster site, but we actually compete with the bigger companies in the search engines - and we don't pay anybody for help, or google etc. I've done most of it on my free time, have to have a project! I had a company contact me regarding of course their free suggestions for SEO etc . They go over your site and make suggestions etc, then give you a quote and won't leave you alone. It was funny though, the young gentleman told me they suggest you add 50 pages a year - seriously?! As for Jerry, he's the 89 year old father of my significant other Jeff, still working every day at the furniture store. Jeff and I don't have children, and with my health it would not be in our best interest to get married, plus are we not committed? On the CBSI home page, if you would be so kind to go to the "only pay for the color you print" portion and refresh - not on a phone. Originally it was at the top of the page - but everyone wants the slide show. Took me a long time to time the word color and make the black and white pages come to color to my satisfaction. Since it is a reveal, on a lot of screens it is already revealed before anyone sees it. Thank you so much. I have two other sites as well. www.bodybalancewithdeb.com and www.antiques-n-more.com.




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